This weekend will be bittersweet in the small town of Maud, OK. My wife's family is originally from here and they owned many buildings and property in Maud. The main building and business being the town grocery store. It has been closed down for sometime, but I have heard many a story from my wife and family about the good times they had in that grocery store and how they will miss it dearly as if it was a second home.

We have been down to Maud for Thanksgivings and such, but I've never spent the day just down there shooting. The family recently decided to sell the old O'Daniel grocery store. I know it must be tough for them to do as it is has been such a big part of their family bond.

So I have decided this weekend I am going to head down and take photos of as much O'Daniel history as I can. The buildings and property may not stand, but I hope I can help keep their memories alive.